Making an English curriculum vitae (CV)

In this post I will talk about curriculum vitae (CV) can make your CV in Indonesian or English depending in what you will use your CV…CV is selling tool for you this is a media for marketing yourself to other people..Therefore your CV must outline your skills and experiences and using your CV you can have big opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light…

What should CV contain??

1. Personal details and profile including your age, nationality, address, telp. number and e-mail (make sure that you use professional e-mail)..But do not include your religion view, political affiliation, ethnic..

2. Education

list your most recent education first and you can also include some professional training or courses if you have any

3. Skills and Experiences

This is the most important part because you can grab someone’s attention or impress people using your skills and experiences..for example your computer literacy and language skills.

4. Activities

Undergraduate students who want to make CV sometimes think that they don’t have any activities..but they are wrong,,university life is a good time for them to have so many activities like doing volunteer jobs,,joining some scientific competitions or joining organizational activities,,they can write it in their CV..If you don’t have any just grab it now don’t just stay at your campus and don’t just live with your textbook but don’t also forget your responsibility as student..

5. References

Sometimes this part is required,,for anyone of you who wants to apply for scholarship, references is important because the committee will contact your referee to give you recommendation letter or the company that you apply will contact your referee to know more abut you..So find references who really know you very well..for example your academic supervisor (Dosen Penasehat Akademik) or your thesis supervisor,,of course they will know you well…

I give you the example of my CV that I can use to apply for scholarship…you can download it below

CV RaMA Oktavian

You can also use presentation media to present your CV for example using prezi,,you can see the example here

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